Gindi TLV project has already successfully concluded its marketing stage, with every apartment sold. The first residents are expected to move into their beautifully-designed apartments next year, when they will enjoy the advantages of every modern amenity. The eleven 14-story residential buildings surround an expansive park, for precious tranquil moments amid a fast-paced urban lifestyle.


Hundreds and thousands of lovers live and breathe Tel Aviv. 100 years. Millions of moments, loves, caresses and whispers, memories and stories, billions of smiles. 100 years. Endless heartbeats, breaths, steps and tastes, sounds and lights. 100 years. One project. Gindi Tel Aviv – The Once in 100 Years Project.

An ultra-modern project integrating quality of life and Tel Aviv flair. Residents will enjoy social, educational, cultural and commercial services, and access to main transport options such as the Ayalon Highway, the light rail station in Begin Street and the Tel Aviv Hashalom train station. Residents can enjoy everything Tel Aviv has to offer, and more.


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The Gindi Group, owned by Moshe and Yigal Gindi and Gindi Investments, is a leading international real estate concern and an innovator in Israel. With 50 years’ experience in the development, marketing and management of large scale commercial and residential projects, malls and prestigious residential units, the concern manages thousands of apartments and millions of square meters of Israeli real estate. It has positioned itself as a trendsetter in Israeli real estate projects.

Gindi aspires to perfection and chooses only those projects where it can realize this objective so that its clients can make their dreams come true, with maximum return on their investment.

Blue Square Real Estate is active in the sphere of productive real estate, with some 120 assets totaling over 250,000 square  meters, which are owned, managed and improved by them via increased building area percentages. It has expanded its activities with entrepreneurial and development projects and transactions in investment real estate and by expanding designations to include offices and logistics.

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