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Gindi TLV

About the Neighborhood

Being a real Tel Avivian means getting up in the morning and feeling the pulse of central Tel Aviv.

You start the day with a coffee and newspaper in the quaint neighborhood coffee shop, wake up with the city that is constantly renewing itself, get to work easily, stop at Sarona Market on your way home, hop over to the mall, and end the day with a workout at the HaHashmonaim Country Club right at the foot of your building.

Gindi TLV presents a rare combination of community living in the quintessential Tel Aviv atmosphere, where countless enticing experiences are just beyond your door.

A one-of-a-kind residential complex that combines a warm neighborhood community atmosphere with effortless access to the countless attractions that make Tel Aviv so special.

Go for a stroll with your dog or your children in the expansive park at the foot of your building, crisscrossed with charming walking paths. Revel in all the best brands that await you at the TLV Mall below. Imagine, prime shopping opportunities are just an elevator ride away! All it takes is a hop, skip and jump to get to many of the city's foremost cultural and entertainment attractions (HaBima Theater, Cinematheque, Sarona Market, Rothschild Boulevard, Rabin Square and more).

When you live at Gindi TLV, you experience the Tel Aviv quality of life that was once only a dream.

Neighborhood Overview

Gindi TLV has a variety of services available to you around the clock and all year round: a beautiful urban landscape, exceptional educational institutions without even having to cross the street, sports facilities to help you stay in shape, a spectacular new mall downstairs, transportation arteries nearby, and of course easy access to all the city's cultural, entertainment and culinary excitement.


The Park

Walk your dog, go out with your children, sit and relax with a cup of coffee or wine, or spread out a blanket and bask in Tel Aviv's enchanting ambiance. At the foot of the Gindi TLV residential complex, you'll find the sprawling 15,000 square meter green park that forms the heart of the neighborhood. Dotted with manicured lawns, walking paths, benches and beautiful shaded areas, it is hard to believe that such a beautiful pastoral oasis exists in the center of Tel Aviv.



It's fun to raise children in Tel Aviv and it's even more enjoyable to do so at Gindi TLV. Just take the elevator down to the cluster of preschools, where you will find 11 new kindergartens catering to kids from 3 months up to school age.

Hello, 1st grade? At Gindi TLV, school is just a stone's throw away! Within the neighborhood is the 6-year Giv'on elementary school that combines education with an emphasis on values and personal achievement. Children heading to high school? Nearby, next to the Cinematheque, is the Ironi Alef High School, one of the best in Israel, with an incredible 98% matriculation rate.

Apart from the excellent educational facilities – and after they've finished their homework, of course – your children can venture out and enjoy a vibrant childhood in Tel Aviv, full of exciting and wonderful activities, including classes, youth groups, events, festivals, fairs, the beach and more.


The Mall

Want to grab a bite or enjoy some retail therapy in the best mall in Tel Aviv, with all the hottest brands, including more than a few exclusive and flagship stores?

It's time to discover the Gindi TLV mall – 33,000 square meters of retail space, perfect for anyone with a passion for fashion. The mall combines beloved Israeli chains with well-known worldwide brands: Zara, Mango, Castro, Renuar, Zara Homme, Adidas, Dior, Anthropologie, Saks, Factory 54 and many more. It is a perfect mix between the best companies and the height of fashion, a meeting point between casual daily wear and haute couture.

Step into the Gindi TLV elevator, and within minutes you're in the most talked-about mall in the city.

Cafes & Restaurants

Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee and baked goods fresh from the oven. Or, have a colorful breakfast from the cafeteria, prepared by Chef Roshfeld. For lunch, the many restaurants of the mall and the neighborhood await you. Savor wonderful and exotic menus in venues including the well-known and beloved Zozobra, the incomparable Onami, the superb Lehamim bakery, and more.

As evening falls, the culinary atmosphere only intensifies with all those iconic Tel Aviv brands – Claro, Nithan Thai, Taizu, Messa, and more.

When you live at the corner of Carlebach and HaHashmonaim streets, all the culinary delights of Tel Aviv are right outside your door (or, at most, a short walk away). Of course, on the other hand, you live in the heart of the city, and can always stay home and order whatever you're craving. Yes, even in the middle of the night!


The Country Club

Begin your day with a swim in one of the Country Club's three beautiful pools within the TLV Mall, and follow up your swim with a refreshing shake. Then wind down in the evening with exercise in the fitness room, or in one of the dozens of classes taking place for children and adults. Spend quality time with your kids, or foster their independence by giving them a ball to take down to the basketball court for a game with friends.

When was the last time you lived an elevator-ride away from:

  • Three swimming pools, including one semi-Olympic sized pool and a baby pool
  • A huge fitness room with the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment
  • A basketball court
  • An indoor play facility
  • A cafeteria
  • Seven studio/activity halls for children and adults
  • A variety of sports activities for all ages
  • A spa center that includes a Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, treatment rooms, and more

Did you work up a sweat? Really push yourself? Great job! When you leave the Country Club, you can treat yourself to a round of shopping at the TLV mall. You know you've had your eye on those outfits from the hottest brands.

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Neighborhood Life

Come join a community of like-minded people who get just as excited as you do about Tel Aviv, and who are exhilarated by it every hour of the day; in the morning with coffee and a newspaper, and even more so in the evening when the city is embraced by lights and music. From now on, every day will be a charming mosaic of endless Tel Aviv experiences: big and small, familiar and breathtaking.


34 years old
Married with young children


46-year-old businessman
Married, with elementary and kindergarten-aged children

Elad & Sharon

A young couple in their 30s.
They live in a Stage A building


51 years old
Divorced, in a relationship

Atalya & Raphael

Retirees in their 60s
Parents and grandparents


55 years old, married
Art and culture aficionado

In the park with Toffee

Every morning begins with a brief jog in the park with my dog, Toffee. On days when I have a little more time, I put a bit more effort into my morning workout and run all the way to the beach and back.

The day really gets going

After my run, I cross over to the Lehamim bakery on the other side of the street and pick up some warm oven-fresh rolls and a decaf with almond milk, just the way I like it. After my morning shower, my partner Chen, and I make sandwiches for the kids. The older one is already big enough to walk to the nearby Giv'on elementary school by himself, and we take the younger one to the kindergarten that's on the bottom floor of the tower.

The easy approach to commuting

I work outside the city, but Chen works in Tel Aviv, so he almost always takes public transport and leaves me with the car. Truth is, there's also public transport literally a minute from home that I could take to work, but I like to indulge myself… That's how it is when you have easy access to the Ayalon Highway and there's no problem finding parking when you come home.

At the country club with the kids

In the afternoon, when the kids are enjoying their after-school activities at HaHashmonaim Country Club, I go for a swim in the semi-Olympic pool. I also take studio classes – Itzik's kickboxing class is a real favorite.

Family dinner

Our whole family eats dinner together in the dining nook, and sometimes (if we can find a babysitter) we go out afterward for a relaxing glass of wine at one of the area's many chic restaurants, or to a movie at the Cinematheque.

Espresso on the balcony

I start my day on the balcony overlooking the sea, enjoying my espresso and catching up on the news in the quiet and calm before the kids get up.

I arrive at work, without moving my car.

My office is pretty close to home. So close, in fact, that I can walk straight there. It's especially convenient on days when I take the kids to school. If I wanted, there are even days that I wouldn't have to use the car at all, except to go to a meeting further away.

Business lunch

I eat a business lunch at one of the area's charming restaurants. Occasionally, my wife picks the kids up from school and they all meet me at the restaurant so we can spend some quality family time together in the middle of the day.

Evening with the family

I usually finish work late. When we used to live outside the city, I would only get back home well after the children had gone to sleep. We were lucky enough to be able to move closer to the office, so now I don't have to contend with traffic jams and, for the most part, I manage to get home in time for dinner and to put our kids to bed.

Enjoying time with friends

My wife usually likes to go out with friends in the evening. She has several good friends in our area and they often go to the movies, out for coffee or to the Country Club together. We've become close with a number of couples in the towers and we frequently go out with them for dinner or drinks at the restaurants downstairs.

The end of the day

We finish our day by unwinding with a glass of wine on the balcony… and enjoying those precious moments of tranquility after the kids are out for the count.

Sleeping in

We both work at the Menachem Begin / Yigal Alon business complex, about 6-10 minutes from home, so we can allow ourselves the luxury of sleeping in a little more and enjoying our morning coffee on the balcony overlooking the park. Thanks to the convenience of having Lehamim bakery and Tatti in the mall, we always have something delicious to snack on with our coffee.

Working close to home

We usually ride to work on our bikes or electric scooters. If we have enough energy, we sometimes even walk.

Eating lunch together

What makes working close to home such a blessing is that we can always hop back there if a technician comes to fix something, or if we just feel like eating lunch together. On the weekends, we're in the habit of riding our bikes to check out and sample the mouthwatering new brunch options we've heard about in the city.

Evening workout at the Country Club

Two or three times a week, we go to the HaHashmonaim Country Club after work. Sharon prefers to do studio workouts, like yoga and Pilates, and Elad enjoys basketball with his friends from the neighborhood.

Hanging out at the mall

I try to meet my good friend at the mall at least once a month to catch up on all the latest news and trends.

Beer with friends

Most of our friends live pretty close to us in Tel Aviv, and I've also met new people in the neighborhood who have become really good friends. About once a week, we get together at Porter & Sons or Mike's Place for a beer and to watch the game.

My workout varies, depending on my mood.

Mornings are my favorite time to get some exercise. If the weather's nice, I take an exhilarating run on the beach, and on days when I'd rather chill in my comfortable clothes, I just go downstairs to the exercise machines in the building's fitness room and work out there.

There's a life outside of work

In the past, I lived outside the city, and worked in the Tel Aviv suburbs. Today, I still work in the suburbs, but at least I live in the city. I take my car in the morning, come back in the evening, park in the parking lot and forget about it. I can walk everywhere else from there because everything's so close. Tel Aviv is a world unto itself, and there's rarely a dull moment. My life has never been more full or exciting!

Strolling around magical Tel Aviv

We're at work during the week, of course, but on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, my partner and I really enjoy leisurely strolls along the city streets. This is by far the best way to appreciate the magic of Tel Aviv! We visit the temporary exhibits in the local museums, wander around the Carmel Market, eat a delicious brunch, marvel at the local architecture, and, in general, enjoy the city as if we were tourists.

Day to day culture

There's nothing we love more than culture. Almost every evening we go to a play, a performance or a movie.

Entertaining the children

On weekends, we entertain my children, or my partner's, and we keep a special bedroom for them for sleepovers. In the morning, we take them for breakfast at one of the cafés at the foot of our building… It took a while, but we're finally cool again!

A leisurely start to the day

We both worked our entire lives so that we'd be able to enjoy this kind of leisure. Each day begins with a cup of tea while soaking in magnificent views of the city. At least once a week, we try to take a walk in the park, just to get the blood flowing.

Morning meetup

We're close friends with several couples who also decided to move to Tel Aviv as they approached retirement. What can I tell you? It's like being 20 again. We meet in the cafés in the morning and catch up on our lives, sometimes all of us together, and sometimes just the women. We also enjoy exploring the mall to find the perfect present for the grandchildren.

Lunch fresh from the market

We make lunch entirely from the choicest fresh produce and foods we've purchased at the nearby Sarona Market. Twice a week, we help our children by picking up our grandkids from kindergarten. It’s a real pleasure to live so close that we can see them all so often.

Having fun with the grandchildren

We savor every minute of our playtime with the grandchildren until one of their parents comes to pick them up. The kids really love the view of the city, and they have a ball at the mall's playroom. On days we don't have the grandkids, we enjoy going to museums or movies in the afternoons, and sometimes we go swimming at the Country Club and relax in the sauna or Jacuzzi.

Evening entertainment

At least one evening a week we get together with our neighborhood friends and go to a play or listen to fascinating talks. In this city, there's always something fun to do. Sometimes we're just invited over to friends' houses, and sometimes we just stay home. We've really earned this down time!

Watching the sunrise

I get up early with the birds, even before the city itself wakes up. It's a delight to start the day with a book, and to watch the sunrise, or to go out for a walk in the park with Vincent, my poodle, before the day begins for everyone else.

Pilates in the park

My friends and I meet at the Country Club for a walking group, or for Pilates in the park. Sometimes they join me for a cup of coffee up at my place afterwards, and we sit on the penthouse balcony and gossip.

Close to everything

It's very important to me to give back to the community, so I volunteer at a few different organizations a couple of times a month. I'm often asked to go all over the country, so I'm happy to know that I have a reserved parking spot when I return home. Also, when I take the train, it's so convenient to have the station very close to home.

Enjoying Central Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's city center is walking distance and my friends and I love visiting the designer boutiques to see what's new and to support Israeli fashion. On days when I can treat myself, I'm lucky that everything is so close by! My cosmetologist and hair stylist are only a few minutes away and they're always happy to see me when I want to freshen up my look.

Art within walking distance

I'm very interested in art and am committed to keeping up with the city's art scene, so I visit galleries frequently. All of the city's important art institutions are nearby and are really easy to get to, either by public transport or even by walking a short distance. My dream is to open a gallery in the area one day.

Evening with a musical backdrop

I love listening to music, and I'm always happy to go to the opera or to a concert. I go with my friends, or with my husband when he returns from his business trips overseas, or sometimes even by myself when I feel spontaneous. I consider myself so lucky to have such an exciting and full life, and to have the opportunity to enjoy all the interests that are so close to my heart.

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